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December 4th, 1914

Pox LQ, Fepanola, Ont. ear Wr. Tester:

J have received your letter and am glad to know that you are keeping better. T hore that you will continue to do so. I shoula imadine that plenty of exercise and open air will be of great service to you.

‘Tl ar sO Dusy at present |, engaged in so many difficult matters, that 'l have not tine to give any special attention to the poetry that you have sent me to consider. In any case I am not much of a judge of the value of poetry.


Nith kind regards, I am,

Yours sincerely,




B= 3404 5/26/15


University of Toronto, Tofonto, Ont., Can. Dear Sir3--

Can you give us any information as to the present address of Mr. E. M. Hunter? Whilé residing at Spartanburg, 5.C., Mr. Hunter purchased from us a set of pooks, on which he still owes us a balance of $28.50. We


are, therefore, very anxious to get into correspondence with him and any information you can give us as present address would be very much appreciated.

Ve Enclose stamped envelope for your reply,

and thanking you in adgance, We are,

Yours very truly,


March Sth, 1915 Rev,.' &.) GC. Tit, Clerk of Presbytery, 31 Eernard Avenue, Toronto. Dear Wr. Tibt':

Vany thanks for your note inforring me that I have teen elected ty the Presbytern of Teronto as one of the Commissioners to the General Asserbly at Kingston next June. If ] can nake it possible to attend for a day or two TI will do SO, but owing to Bore eeeaeann Wcrante: site and the close af the term, it is usually a very tusy pariod for re

With king regards, I am,

Yours sincerely,


Decenver Loth, 1914

Professor C. C. Torrey, Yale University. Vy dear Dr. Torrey: It was very kind of you to write to ma with regard to Dr. Charles of Pennsylvania. 'T wrote some tine ago to Frovost Smith of Fhiladelphia asking him atout Dr. Charles, tut so far I have haa no

answer, T will, however, write to Frofessor Navrice Jastrow atout

ce a @&

matter, ae you suggest. vith kind resaris, T am,

Yours sincerely,


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® i \ Ws Ba ON : L324 me WA og! RI) ee ee ee - at ie : % d : oe Ae : : : Sisk ye re ae Se ee | 9th Degenber 1914 : »s iS : : ee: Q& MEMORANDUM RE UNEMPLOYMENT

Can the unemployment problem in Toronto this winter be hendled without reducing ke the status of unemployables men

thrown out of work by recent industrial developments? At present there is a lot of untidy thought on the subject, and much bickering

in officialdom, Must this continue until riots oceur and life is


We suggest that the formation of an organization of prominent citizens for the purpose of dealing with this subject would have, among others, the following results?

1l- The organi zation would attract suggestions and ideas that now are bandied about from one body to another, none of them having force or purpose to take action;

2- Definite information would be obtained as to whether or not the Dominion, Provincial and Municipal authorities can be brought to take a definite course; |

3- The possibility of promoting new industries with private capital or money secured under public guarantee would be fully canvassed;

4~ A decision might be reached on the feasibility of stimulating with the loan of private or public funds @ number of small industries now being pursued by the unemployed themselves sats by certain philanthropic institutions;

5- The desirability of drilling able-bodied men for whom no more useful occupation can be found, and paying them a8 small wage per hour, gould be settled.

It is conceded that the unemployment problem in Canada,

in Toronto, is becoming intensified year by year. Some go so far

as to say thet. the Present amount. of unemployment would have

existed this winter even. had there peen no war. Others are

prophesying that upon the return. of the soldiers from the front

‘there will be far more unemployment than exists now.

Contrary to. the understanding of mm many of us, the Dominion Government is not dealing with the problem of unemployment as such, Nor is the Provineiel Government , for it informed a deputation of

the unemployed = few dsys ago thet it could do nothing itself,

, : vi

as though quite willing to support anything emanating from the

mntedpelstien. ‘The caeen Goverment is not, for the Board


of Control informed & deputation of the unemployed a “few deys ago that At was powerless to. pot. anit: thet they, the unemployed, should seek assistance ee the Provineiel or the Dominion Government. : ; Some time ago the tabnetas Industrial Association was formed for the purpose of dealing with unemployment, which it did by promoting local domaltteds in variens municipalities. A loca committee was formed in Toronto, That committee, after a number of sessions in whieh they dealt with charitable relief, gave up the problem of unemployment and have ceased to meet. We have no intention of allowing any one to aotually starve to death in Toronto, and we are going to = spend large Sums of monoy, both through taxation and through private benevo- “Lenceg to provide charitable relief to thousands ae this and coming winters. a4 : Es, ne ‘foregoing is tras and we are going to spend sums of money on charitable relief, would it not pay us, : ‘89 individual eitizens, to take a few hours off to sonsider whether: some means cannot ba found of creating employment without , cost to. ourselves end thus save a large portion of the money we intend to spend on charity, ‘and give the self-respecting themployed a chance to support themselves without becoming dependent panpers, some of whom in that event bese _sreenby sink into the unemployable Slass. a . ‘Some of us. think it is 8 1 auty, and ¢ of vital: importance, that the ‘citizens themselves should meet and jointly tackle this. - problem, ‘and not wait Longer for governments end other officiel |

bodies to do. our work,

R. A. FALCONER, D.Lirr., LL.D., Honorary Presipent DIRECTORS: on

DR. W. B. HENDRY, Presivenr. ' r - H. C. WRIGHT A. —. CUZNER V. F. STOCK, Vice-Presio enr Anibersity of Toronto ; GAGE JAS WAS ARTONIM.Denysiccm Dincctoea al lcci iiss <Mitiinls Nun hee SR MT eC CCLELWANDE Ot UL WRUVPRESTON T. A. REED, Secretary-Treasurer

Athletic Association



Sertemcer 24th, 1914

KR. Be Van Wyck, Fsa.', B.A,', Toronto General Hospital. Dear Wr. Van Wyck: The Sermon Conmittee after considering carefully the suprlyineg of the Organ during Wr. Hrnest MacWVillan's absence decided that they would aproint Wr. Frost ‘in nis place, who you know has had a good deal of experience on the ordan,

Ps Ao yort el 3 See | With Kind regards, "lL am,

Yours sincerely,


July oth, 1916

BE. A. Victor, Face, Rishop's Court, vVontresl, Dear vr. Victor:

If J] have the tiime I shoulda be glad to wnite an article for you iin your proposed hook, but I should like to knox fiirst, when you would recuire the articis; secondly, what branch of education you would want iit to cover, and thirdly, what number of words you would requevens sufficient. I leave for the country tLo-morron, You might address me at Gordon Ray, Muskoka.

Yours ‘sincerely,


January 2ist, L915

Viss Walker,


Avenue Road |, Toronto. Dear Viss Walker: I aw enclosing a ticket for

Dr. Wott's sermon. I have written on tha back that it will be gooa for sete ance by the north door of the exar ination hall in the rear of the

Convocation Fall. You should ce there pretty

early, rrocacly twenty rinutes at least vefore


the hour, tecause there is certain to te a large crowa,.

Yours sincerely,



Fetruary 26th, 1915

Duncan Walker, fsa.,:

Petertorough. Dear Nr, Walker:

t was stupid of re to forget the litile parphlet on

the war, and it: was no less kind of you to think of sensing it to ra,

though I should have been glea if you had ukapt, it ang read it. yourself.

1 look tack wit wuch plaasure to ny visit to Feterborough Yalker and yourself

30 tany Of the interesting people of Fetertorough.

With kind regards),

T am,

Yours sinoerely,

January 25th,

G. B.. Walker, Psa. v4 Hroire Avenue, Jusaen fast, Toronto.

Dear Vr. Walker:



Ye have no avening classes held at the University

of Toronto in which you could take a course of Fngineering while retaining

your present daily employrent. Probably you might, be able to get, whet

youl probably mest your needs at the Technical School. .

is done atter a student has passea nis matriculation, and during the day is required. 'T regret that I am unabdle any more favourable reply to your letter,

Yours sincerely,


All our work his tull tive

to give you


November loth, 1914

Rev. W. G. Wallace, Bloor Street Prastyterian Church, Toronto. Dear Dr. Wallace: In the absence of President, Falconsr in Faronton I beg to acknowleddsi the rxcxipt of your letter on tehalf of Wr. G. G. Galloway, which will be submitted to the Rhodes Scholarship Committae .

at its sneetings next week,

Yours sincerely,

Prasidant's Secretary.


Vay 14th, L915 ,

Dear Vr. Waiiis’s


I regret to learn from your isttsr that Wr. Hearst


Bt S * Ms Nh x ae r ; $44 atom - te iy 3 ae

iS noi likely to well encugh te be with us next Friday. I was


* : Fx rhe * = 6T + ~ > 7 * * ee a ee a a r . “y a of bOping fror what I had seen in tne vayers that bis PSCOvery wouid Be wore rapid, fe Shaii be very sorry not to have hir with us.


: el a ne ween * a5 LOuTa Sincerery,


Noverbter 2nd, 1914

Vr. Fdwin &. Ward, 19 Ya needtan Avenue, Toronto, Dear Wr. Ward:

There is no likelihood of there being additional help reauired for teaching in French in University College this year. Our appointrents havz all been made.

T am,

Yours sinceraily,


October 3isti, 1914 G.. #., Watta, Fea. 1 Beauront. Road, Toronto.

Dear Vr. Watts:

| In the clipping which you enclosed to re from last night's "Star" IT have been made to say what is not correct. There are of course quite a large number of Toronto graduates and underdraduzteas in the first contingent, and the University took action at the bedinnins of the term, counsédlling that the greatest leniency should be shown to those under-— graduates who are already at ths front, though each individual case is to be considered on its merits. Fossitly the reporter may have misintor pre’ sone remarks as to our not yet having had applications trom those who had volunteered for the secona contingznt. We exprct to have to daw with the matter when the third contingsnt goes as there will] probably be a number in it. T hope that, your son will te kept in health and strencth and return

in satsity when this awful war is over.

Yours sincerely,


December 2ytn, 1914 ‘4. H. Welch, fsa.,i, 47 Nellington Street Hast, Toronto.

Dear Sir’:

Granmatically ‘I see no reason tor choosing the one expression “vin preference to the other, but personally I crefer the form, "I surpose that you have by this time received ny communication".

With test wishes for the New Year,

to am,

Yours sincerely,


Broach ll Cuero abr® newmits, Fel a7 fis.

Trrfossae he he. oo ‘aece ase tlle , a afipealing eae ome’ ob held Mori ce te Reccleica

atl at per. The ofeekin wild Le Mn. aH. Wek. ages mn WU Otir, eo Ca

ae ek ete ff

MLE be cheticl | anol much depends oy bee Big tly

ff ee

January &th, 1914

James White, fsa.i, Conservation Cormission, Ottawa. Dear Vr. White:

Frofessor Coleman has not yet returned hore from bis visit to Australia. Je do not expect bir in Toronto until the wigdle of the month. This, I believe, is the reason that you have not heard from biz.

Yours sincerely,



Varch ott, Lyoid,

Roger H. Williams, fsa.',

Chairwan, Student Departuent, International Committee, YM.C.A.,

124 fast 2hth Street, New York. Dear Mr. Williags: IT am glad to get, your letter. You are so

nuch better informed than I am with regard to the working of the siudent department, conmittse that it is hardly in ry conpsitence to pass an opinion of any value upon the sudgestions that you rake. However, TIT shoula think tnat, with the extension of the work there will be greater necessity for diviaing it, as you sudsest, and sevblving rore work of a definite kino upon individual secretaries,

With kind regaras, I[ am,

Yours sincerely,


Vay ort, 115

Wr, R. 4. Williars, 70 Fifth Avenue, New York,’

Dear Vr. Williars:


shall te glad to give any advice in so far as IT ar able to the Secretaries of the [nternationsal Conmnittee whioa deal with Bidle Study atkd Social Servica, Tl an afraid, however

# 3 3

that, too often ry advice will oe rere or less formal inasmuch as those

who are doing the work understaad ths situation so wall that, an outside

cannot, say much of valve, Wit tind regarde, T an,) Yours sincarely,: -



Varch 17th, LOLS fi.. Wodeon, Eeso., Secretary, farire Club, Teronto. Cear Sir’:

I have to thank you for your kindness in inviting ne to be present at the Enpire Club on Tuesday, March 23rd to one o'clock to listen to an address by the Rev. Dr. Herriddge, Will you kingly thark the fxscutive for their invitation, tut. express ay redret, at being unable ta accept it inasnuch as T expect to return from Chicago that vorning, and have to deliver an address thet afternoon at half

past two o'clock ?

ibe Cee ie, a ee our 4 : : | tak TE C oe .

| is are te sree gy ee Bes Gaga pa~ Cleve Aetod ipldoteica 77 - ee ape

Vieeg bie ae


oe ie

ad be it

rh ns Fae tte a


= 5 ten awe ; aby Lawes Sea em, TES ore Sih = > ieee / " 2 ® = i . “4 t ia] ¥ - rss . © ie ae yy = p s P eh eet i aa gl Fai an agit os / as eae yess jen, Oo ; ; % a s F sides ; " =. 3 . oe - i eS = pip oo 0 > Dae - | : ; on” J " - <> oY Se pin eg : " . 4/= J meg x A al £ . 2 y g ; | = %

ath ‘ei ie fe ais i, ty

en Ct g- woo be <4 ppd * | ae DENT : a iS ay iss | ve ae a A - :

oH ty id) ease . Soe aes fan ig Yahi Fa of Ye # ae


ip tenth hye


April 19th, 1915

Wi. A. Fe Wood, fso.i, Canada Life Assurance Comvany,: Toronto,

Dear Wr.: Wood's

I have spoken tO the Redistrar with regard to your request on behalf of the Actuarial Society of Arerica to be granted a roo a for the puroose of holding the examinations of the Society on the 25th and 27th of next May. I aw very glad to be able to

authorise the granting of your reouvueat, anid jf yo:

with the Resistrar he will arrange the details

4 Saad +4 0 Yours sincerely,


April 9th, 1915

C.. BB. Young, fsa.},: Care Notssrs. Vackenzie and Wann, Dear Wr. Young’: T 30 not Know whether there is svening instruction given in Oraanyy in the city. If you inauirs, however, frow Vr.

Kirkpatrick at the Toronto Coreervatory of Nusic or at the Margaret


faton School] they say be able to give you further inforwation.

Yours sincerely,


ps | | ese

lhonmcls 3 BIS fee yell is, Vom, | Ree Yours Ss Dear Soe CLO

Tn, 08.Genge Yururndl Jan Uke encloiret